MATTES: Ultimate luxury for your horse! The German made, thick, 100% Sheepskin lined pad with contoured quilted top is simply luscious! These pads are very durable and soft, and we feel that they’re outstanding for every day or therapeutic use, offering superior comfort and protection for the horse without sacrificing one bit of feel for the rider.

These pads fit like a glove under your saddle and DO NOT move or bunch up. These pads really help to keep a saddle from riding up onto a horse’s shoulders, and they don’t slip out of place. The Mattes pads are designed with a very generous channel up the center which allows for excellent air circulation underneath the saddle and the high contour at the withers eliminates pressure.

Mattes offers some of the most innovative and successful designs in shim pads and pads to accommodate special saddle fitting issues. The “Correction Pads” come with 6 sets of thin felt shims that are easy to insert in secure Velcro pockets. These can be simply wonderful when dealing with horses that are going through weight or growth changes, and can be invaluable to riders who need to share a saddle with several horses.

Don’t let the 100% sheepskin lining scare you, the Mattes pad is machine washable in cold water and can be air dried. One of our riders has had her Mattes pad for three years, and she brushes it between washings and it looks like new. We recommend a wool washing product such as “Melp”. If  washing makes you nervous- consider a Mattes ½ pad layered over a washable quilt. You’ll get the same cushioning and wonderful fitting features with less maintenance!!

Sizing recommendations: It has been our experience that 16 1/2″ – 17 1/2″ saddles usually take a size medium, and 18″ and up need a large.  If your saddle has long panels, or you tend to shrink things in the wash, it is better to buy a pad a bit too large than too small! It is important to make sure that the end of your panels don’t extend over the edge of the pad.

We stock these pads in medium and large which are the most popular sizes, but they are available in small and X-large in all models.

Colors: We stock the Mattes Pads in White and Black. A wide variety of custom colors, styles and trims are available, the delivery time on special orders has been running about 6 weeks or less, please call us to discuss options! 800-442-9672 or email