We decided to carry the Thinline pad after hearing from many riders who swore that they saw a huge difference in their horse’s performance when they started using this system.

The Thinline material is composed of open cell foam created in a honeycomb pattern. The foam distributes shock, heat and weight laterally.  It does not bottom out like many other materials. In addition, it is treated with antifungal and antimicrobial agents which make them easier to use on multiple horses. Unlike neoprene, the Thinline material does not generate heat and is lightweight and breathable. Their innovative technology benefits both the horse and the rider.  We have riders with back problems that swear that the Thinline pad gives them greater comfort as well.  In fact, it is the only pad endorsed by spinal surgeons and vets. 

There are two types of Thinline material available- the regular Thinline   which is ¼” thick and offers the most protection for the horse’s back. The “Ultra Thinline” is 3/16” thick, and is recommended for shock absorption for the rider. Riders report a notable reduction in lower back pain and the ability to ride with a more stabile and effective seat.

The Thinline pads also have anti-slip properties that can help to stabilize saddles that shift. The material molds to the horse’s back as the body temperature warms it up and returns to its original shape when it cools to room temperature. 

Some models of the pads can accommodate insert shims that allow the modification of saddle fit for a horse that is going through shape changes due to fitness, illness or age. We particularly like the design of the shims that fit easily and securely into the pad without Velcro. Thinline shims are ‘pad specific’ so it is important to order the correct shim for each model pad.

We think that you will see increased performance in how your horses lift their backs. Riders will sit closer, quieter and be able to do more with lighter aids.