All Purpose/Jump Pads

Jumper and Event riders enjoy great latitude in their choice of pads! They often sport square quilted pads done in their barn colors, with monograms of their initials or breed logos. Our quilt pads are economical and easy to wash so you may want to consider one for everyday schooling use and a special one for showing.

If more protection is needed, a protector or fleece ½ pad can be used between the quilt pad and the saddle or a full pad with inserts works very well.

Hunter riders prefer to use a shaped pad for the show ring, or even just a fleece ½ pad to cushion and protect the back as well as the bottom of your saddle. Since correct fit is so critical for these pads, we  prefer to have a tracing of your saddle to work with to determine the correct size and shape. For more information, please call us at 800-442-9672 or email