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  • Availability: In Stock
  • Condition: New
  • Construction: Flocked
  • Material: Leather

he Enduro saddle is designed for endurance providing excellent comfort for both horse and rider so both can go the extra mile.

The specially designed tree is made with an open head and narrow waist and supports broader panels to help distribute the rider’s weight evenly.

Supreme comfort is assured thanks to a range of features developed to ensure stamina. An excellent bearing surface with a close contact feel is combined with soft wool flocking.

Meanwhile, its cutback head prevents impact and rub on the wither, whilst a wider than usual gullet increases air flow, reducing fatigue and overheating.

For the rider, a deep comfortable soft seat, together with extended flaps, enables long and balanced rides, even over the toughest terrain. Endurance and Competitive riders will recognise this saddle as having all the required features for longest, pleasant journeys.