New Duett Endurance Saddles for Sale

At first we were skeptical of the claim that the Duett saddles would fit the really wide “table backed” horses, since we have seen many other saddle companies that claim ‘extra wide fits’. We took these saddles to a few of our ‘nightmare fitting problems’ and we were thrilled with the results. These saddles really ‘sit down’ on the horse’s backs and don’t leave you with that unstable perched up in the air feel. We were very impressed with the quality of the leather and workmanship in a modestly priced saddle. Duett offers several different models. We are currently stocking the ‘Companion Trail’, and the ‘Largo’ Dressage model, but the all-purpose ‘Rondo’ and dressage ‘Encore’ can be gotten by special request. Nancy Temple has devoted a lot of time and effort into the creation of these saddles and she has been a wealth of knowledge in terms of fitting suggestions and information. You can visit her website at www.duettsaddles.com. and if you are interested in a model or size that we are not stocking, we may be able to get one for you.