New Thorowgood T 8 Dressage Saddles for Sale

Face it, there is nothing like the feel of a quality leather saddle. Unfortunately, the price of good leather has gone up and up over the years, and many of the inexpensive leather saddles that are on the market just don’t fit well for either the horse or the rider We searched long and hard to find an economical  saddle that offered the comfort and fitting options that we needed. Introducing…..The new  Thorowgood T8 “hybrid” saddle is made in Walsall, England by Ian Hasitilow who is a world renowned master saddler. This model features a leather seat and knee pads that you just sink into, so you get all the benefits and feel of leather at a very reasonable price.

The seat of the T8 is deep and secure. Velcro blocks can be placed for a custom fit for your leg.  This feature is also great if two different sized riders must share a saddle.  The synthetic flaps and panels are made of a very soft material that breaks in beautifully and the saddle is flocked with pure  wool, which will make both your horse and your saddle fitter happy! The front billets on the T8 can be easily moved from a “point” billet to a standard configuration. Swing rear billets offer the most stability for the rear of the saddle and encourage even pressure throughout the panel.

. The trees have a changeable plate that is truly “easy” to change. (Please note- changeable tree plates were designed to accommodate a horse that is growing or changing shape. They are not designed for changing every day between different horses. If you need a lot of versatility with fit, or must share saddles between horses, we recommend a shim pad, such as a Thinline or Mattes)

Here is a link that explains how to change the gullet: