Grand Gilbert

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  • Condition: New
  • Construction: Flocked
  • Material: Leather


Formally called the Grand Gilbert Nicole

A favorite with serious dressage riders, and with good reason.  The Grand Gilbert was developed with input from Olympian Nicole Uphoff, and offers comfort and support for both horse and rider.  Built on the PS Baum tree, this saddle features an open, balanced seat, moderate twist and modest thigh blocks.  The seat and knee inserts are Jupa leather, which offers a nice soft grip.  The flocked panels can be adjusted for individualized fit for your horse. We stock this saddle with the regular seat, Freedom panels and gusseted panels. The deep seat version, (The Passier GG Extra),  different blocks and different flap lengths are available by special order. These saddles have a very generous length to the flap, so can be a good choice for the long legged rider.
This saddle was well reviewed in the ‘Horse Journal’ and we have found it to be one of our best selling dressage saddles.


Limited stock

Rider’s comments:  This is the saddle I ride in, and I can’t say enough good about it.  It’s a very minimalist saddle with an open seat. and has outstanding balance and security.  My mare is pleased with it, also.  We’d had problems with saddles running up her neck and interfering with her shoulders (she’s very big and broad, pear-shaped, and has a short, forward girth spot).  The Freedom Panel solved this problem completely – the saddle stays put.  The extra width of the channel gives her ample clearance for her spine, and the panels are broad enough to give her the maximized weight-bearing surface her broad back requires.  Her shoulders are free, her back is round and soft, I’m balanced and comfortable, and we’re both happy campers!