New Passier Dressage Saddles for Sale

*We recently went through our stock and determined that much of the Passier stock should be demo priced, so make sure to check out the great new prices.*

Passier is a name that needs no introduction. These saddles have legendary comfort, ride and longevity. They are known for the PS Baum tree (a wood laminate reinforced with bamboo) that has tremendous flexibility for both the rider’s feel and the horse’s comfort.  This is a “short pointed” tree that offers lots of shoulder freedom. We stock medium and wide trees, with other widths available. Custom options are available on Passier saddles and delivery time on special orders is prompt and reliable.

We loved the way the Freedom panel worked so much we are now stocking all of our Passier Dressage saddles with that feature! We found it provides more wither clearance by lowering the front chamber seam 2 cm (3/4″). More space is created for the withers to the left and right making contact with the  withers   almost impossible. The channel is always at least 5 cm (2″) wider and is combined with a widened seat surface in the last third for an even better fit on the back of the horse!

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