New Duett Dressage Saddles for Sale

At first we were skeptical of Duett’s claim that their saddles would fit the really wide “table backed ” horses, since we have seen many other saddle companies that same claim. Nancy Temple, the owner of the company, owns Haflingers, so she has had some hands on experience in fitting challenging horses!

We took these saddles to a few of our “wide bodied fitting nightmares” and we were thrilled with the results. These saddles really ‘sit down’ on the horses’ backs and don’t leave you with that unstable perched up in the air feel. We were very impressed with the quality of the leather and workmanship in a modestly priced saddle.

Duett saddles are built on a wood spring tree with a 5 year guarantee. The flocked panels and uniquely designed gullet and channel accommodate even the flattest backed horse.