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  • Availability: In Stock
  • Condition: New
  • Construction: Flocked

The Black Country “Eloquence” offers a wider twist and a lower pommel than the “Eden.” The Eloquence allows you to ride with a shorter leg, which is a huge help for people with hip flexibility issues.  Wool flocked gusseted panels and a generous gullet clearance provide outstanding fit for your horse, and the tree design makes it a good choice for the flatter-backed horse.  The Eloquence offers the same point front billet and rear swing billet as the Eden.  Featuring Black Country’s “Printed Vintage” leather, it feels broken in on the first ride, and has the added bonus of resisting scratches and marks from everyday use.

We stock the Eloquence in 17”, 17 ½, and 18” seats, medium, wide with other sizes available by special order.