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  • Condition: New
  • Construction: Flocked

The Eden maintains the standards of comfort and quality for which Black Country saddles are noted.  The seat is semi-deep, offering support without restriction, and the flap is set further back to encourage a long, classically correct leg. This saddle works well on horses with a marked difference in back-to-wither proportion.  These saddles run generously wide with ample space in the channel and the panels offer a broad weight-bearing surface, while the front point billet and swinging rear billet offers outstanding stability and equalize pressure. The Eden is made with Black Country’s “Printed Vintage” leather, which is very soft and grippy. It breaks in almost immediately and resists scratches and marks from everyday use.

We stock the Eden in 17” , 17 1/2, and  18” seat, medium, and wide with other sizes available by special order .



Rider’s comments:  I LOVE this saddle.  As a rider, I’m not a fan of deep-seated saddles, and I find that the Eden offers amazing security by virtue of its balance – I can maintain the correct position with no effort at all, even if the horse is being less than agreeable.  The leather’s very soft and has a nice grip to it.  As a saddle fitter, I appreciate the high quality of leather and workmanship, and the Jacobs wool flocking is outstanding.

Rider’s comments: If all the folks who lean more towards or own a County saddle (or the countless others on the market today) tried a Black Country and experienced the outstanding customer service that goes along with them, they’d quickly be singing the praises for both.

Eden K/Eden drop