Eden with “K” Panel or “Drop” Panel

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  • Condition: New
  • Construction: Flocked
  • Material: Leather

The Black Country Eden has been a popular choice for thoroughbred type horses that have more of a scoop to their backs, or for horses that have experienced bridging problems with a flatter tree. In order to accommodate horses of many different shapes, we stock saddles with many special panel configurations. We often find athletic dressage horses that have a ‘dip’ behind the withers that allows the saddle to pitch forwards into the back of the shoulder. In the past, people sometimes fit these horses with a tree that was too narrow in order to get the clearance at the withers and to keep the saddle sitting level, but unfortunately, this tight fit never allowed the horse to develop the muscle and ‘fill in’ that hollow. For these horses, we offer the Eden dressage saddle with either the “dropped panel” or the “K” panel. Horses that have a defined concave spot often do well with the drop panel, and horses that a ‘shelf ‘ may prefer the K panel.


These photos show the difference in the “depth” of the panels.

Regular Panel measures 7″ diagonally




“K” Panel measures 8.5″ diagonally




Drop Panel Candidate




Drop Panel




K Panel Candidate



“K” Panel