Thorowgood T8

When I sat in the Thorowgood T 8 saddle, I was amazed!

These are incredibly comfortable and well balanced saddles and I liked it enough that it could be my only saddle!  Up until now there were not a lot of choices that offered a good fit as well as a reasonable price. Thorowgood has done a great job designing two different models for some real fitting challenges- the very wide backed horse and also a high wither model for the thoroughbred-y types.

These saddles are made by master saddlers at the Hastilow Saddle Company in England. The T8 is made of a micro fiber material but has real leather seat and knee pads that give you the feel and break in properties of leather, but offers the cost advantage of synthetic.

These saddles offer the flexibility of easy to change gullet plates.This is a great option if you have a horse that is slightly out of condition, or has lost a bit of weight.  The generous weight bearing flocked panels can easily be re-fitted and adjusted by a saddle fitter.

The T8 also has wonderful girthing features. The All Purpose model has three billets, one point billet, a center billet and a movable rear billet that gives you placement options for security, saddle position and stability.

The soft knee blocks are movable to allow for many different configurations of riders and are particularly nice if several riders have to share a saddle.

We feel that this is an excellent fitting and moderately priced saddle that can give you all the features of a much more expensive saddle. It is a great choice for young horses that are changing as well as an everyday saddle!

Here is a link that explains how to change the gullet: