Black Country

New Black Country All Purpose Saddles for Sale

Black Country Saddlery is, in our opinion, one of the finest saddlery companies today.  The quality of their saddles is superb, their customer service is excellent, and they are just plain nice folks!

They have listened and responded to customer feedback which has led to some very useful innovations in their saddles. The flocking in the panels is a soft, resilient Jacobs wool which allows the saddles to break in quickly to the horse’s back, and helps to wick sweat and “breathes” to keep the horse’s back cool. They have many different options and leathers available on their saddles, most at no extra charge. Turn around time is remarkably short – usually under 4 weeks.

Above:  (Left) Standard head tree, (Right) Freedom Head tree. Lower photos show both trees in a completed saddle.  Note the differences in angle of the tree points.  One can see how the broader, more “U” shaped tree head on the right would accommodate a wider, flat backed horse more comfortably.

Wither Gusset upswept panels trapezius panel
K Panel Gusseted panel full front gusset