Stirrup Irons

You wouldn’t think that there a lot of choices in stirrup irons, but there are! The standard English stirrup iron today is the Fillis style iron with a rubber pad that helps with security of your foot. The Fillis iron has a weighted bottom that helps stabilize the iron and makes it easier for you to regain your stirrup if you drop one.

Peacock Irons are recommended for children and beginner riders of all ages. We think this is really the best of the safety stirrups. We have seen other stirrups that are presented as ‘safety irons’ that we don’t think are really that safe!

Many people have asked about the Sprenger Irons with the flexible joint, and, may I say, I was a disbeliever until one of my co-workers gave me a pair for my birthday. They have made a world of difference in both the comfort of my middle aged knees and also, I am much less likely to lose a stirrup even if my horse is being silly! Yes, they are expensive, but in my opinion, they are well worth it.

Our Endurance stirrups have a wide foot bed which is more comfortable if you are spending long hours in the saddle.

Whatever iron you select, make sure that you order an iron that is at least ½” wider than your shoe or boot so your foot can come out easily in the case of a fall.