Endurance & Trail

Endurance & Trail Supplys for Sale

If you are looking for trail equipment you have come to the right place!  We know how important durability, fit, stability and comfort are for horses that are being ridden for many hours in all kinds of weather and over tough terrain.

Our Zilco bridlework and breastplates are one of the most popular in the industry.

Zilco is a world leader in the design and manufacturer of synthetic bridles. Zilco started producing synthetic equipment in the 1960’s in Australia. Experience and expertise have continued to develop over many years and Zilco can proudly claim to be an established and respected innovator in the world of endurance tack . When we were deciding what synthetic bridle to carry, we decided to go with the very best!  Our endurance rider was happy to put a Zilco “outfit” to a test on her mare.  She was amazed. Ride after ride it continued to look brand new. Now, five years later it still looks great. The bridles and breastplates are very adjustable and we find that the cob size fits most Arabian and Morgan horses.  Many colors are available by special order. We’ve decided to stock them in black, red, navy, purple and hunter green. Look at the combination halter/ bridle that makes it safe and easy to tie your horse for a lunch break.

Our Stowaway packs and water bottles affix securely to your saddle, and of course, this equipment comes in a wide range of bright colors!

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