Figure 8 Silver Clincher Horse

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  • Color: Havana
  • Size: Horse

This bridle really stands apart with its padding and clincher browband.  The center button is interchangeable with either neoprene or pure sheepskin.  The bridle also comes with the very popular “soft grip” reins.

Havana   (Black by special order)

Horse or Oversize (Cob  by special order)

Cob:  Headstall adjusts from 22″ to 30″;
Total Figure 8 (including jaw piece) adjusts from 36″ to 48

Horse:  Headstall adjusts from 24″ to 32″;
Total Figure 8 (including jaw piece) adjusts from 44″ to 56″

Oversize:  Headstall adjusts from 26″ to 34″;
Total Figure 8 (including jaw piece) adjusts from 52″ to 64”

Brass to match clincher (Zinc by special order)

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