KL Select

K L Select Dressage Bridles feature the most supple English leather handcrafted to the highest standards by TSS in the UK. Added value features include reinforced leather-shielded cheekpieces & reins, stainless steel buckles, finished bevel edging, tapered ends, holes correctly punched from the inside for both form & function. All Flash straps are 5/8” wide with leather-shielded buckles for added comfort for the horse. KL dressage bridles feature all leather Euro-comfort padding on the nosebands & come complete with 3/4” dressage reins with stops. Weymouth dressage bridles come standard with a 3/4” snaffle & 5/8” curb plain reins. The curb rein has a snick to hold it in place over the horses neck while warming up with the snaffle rein. All KL’s dressage bridles come in Weymouth double bridle option.