Arc de Triomphe

Trumbull Mountain Tack Shop is pleased to offer what we believe to be the finest quality bridle work available on the marketplace today… We have trained and comepeted horses for years, and we have seen about every piece of bridle work to come down the line that was ever created. Never have we come across such quality leather, such attention to detail and such superb craftsmanship as we have seen in the Arc de Triomphe bridles and martingales.

The Arc de Triomphe line is created from the finest French full grain leather. The hides are tanned using old-world tanning techniques where the leather is allowed to mature gradually during the vegetable tanning process in pits. The stainless hardware on these bridles and martingales are made by Herm. Sprenger in Germany. Brass hardware featured on some of the more unique bridles is obtained from the finest Italian sources. When you take one of these bridles into your hands, you know you’re holding something special. Most importantly, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the price. We invite you to explore the “Arc de Triomphe” links on our web page to see this stunning bridle work for yourself.

Customization of every bridle and martingale is available upon request; delivery times can vary. Please contact us for your individual customization needs, and we can often accommodate special fitting issues with stock parts.

We stock most of the Arc De Triomph bridles in Horse and Cob, with complimenting accessories. Other colors and sizes are available by special order please call or email us for choices. 800-442-9672 or