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 Bridles & Strapgoods for Sale

We have assembled a great collection of bridlework and accessories for all styles of riding and every budget. We have arranged the bridlework on our website by discipline, but there is no reason that you can’t pleasure ride in an event or dressage bridle, so please browse through our different selections.

Certain breeds of horse such as Arabs, Morgans and Quarter Horses can have some special fitting issues such as longer browbands and throatlatches or cob size cheeks on a horse size bridle. We can often accommodate individual fitting needs. Please call or email with your question or concern and we will try to assist! 800-442-9672 or

Here are a few rules of thumb on correct bridle fitting.

1)      The browband must be long enough to allow the bridle crown to sit comfortably behind the ears- not pulled up into the base of the ear.

2)      The throatlatch should be loose enough to allow about 4 fingers under the jaw.

3)      The cavesson should allow one or two fingers under it- a tight cavesson will increase the severity of the bit by not allowing the horse to move his mouth and jaw. The cavesson should rest at least 2” above the bit to avoid pinching but sit below the cheekbones.

4)      The flash cavesson sits below the bit and should also allow a finger or two underneath it.

5)      The bit placement can be quite individual from horse to horse. A snaffle bit should sit at a comfortable level in the mouth, often creating one small wrinkle in the lip. The horse should not look like he is “smiling” and the bit should definitely be high enough that it is not hitting the bridle teeth or the backs of the incisors. A Pelham or curb bit should usually sit a hole lower.