Saddle Fitting

On Site:

Tracing evaluation which are sent or brought into the shop and saddle recommendations from Trumbull Mtn new and/or used stock.     no charge

It is  45.00 for saddle fitting at the shop which includes active and static fit at a local indoor.

Take back tracings, evaluate and suggest appropriate saddles our stock, static fit

Flocking adjustment based on photos and tracings $85.00

Evaluation of information and suggestions and assessment of outside saddles, $55.00 online or in the shop

Off Site:

Local: $75.00 Non-local $150 and up, see below.

Take back tracings, photos, evaluate and suggest appropriate saddles/evaluate existing saddle  $150.00 (Static fit/active fit) .

 Call to discuss longer distance travel, minimum and maximum number of people and horses.

Evaluate existing saddle,  local (for example, Pittsford, Chittenden),  $75.00. Flocking adjustment, $85.00.

Some Examples of Repairs*

Strip flock and replace with wool flocking $275.00 – $350.00 depending on work needed.

Restitch existing billets to nylon tabs $15.00 per billet

Replace billets to existing nylon tabs $125-$185 depending on work required.

Replace/add dees to one side of cantle $65.00

Widening or narrow a saddle, (dropping the panels), $200.00

Repairs also available on halters, bridles, etc.

*Repairs are done on site.

For questions on saddle fitting or repairs: