The following information covers photos we find helpful in determining a potential saddle choice for a customer. Our saddle fitting experts pride themselves on finding a proper fitting saddle for you and your horse.

A good side conformation shot taken on level ground with the horse square. (Picture 1) Please do show the whole horse. That gives us a good idea of things like length of back, shoulder angle and girth spot. If you have taken wither tracings at the same time, a photo that shows the identifying chalk marks of where you took the tracings are a bonus. (Picture 2)


A picture, taken from a mounting block behind the tail looking down on the back shows us the lateral shape and often, we can see if there is symmetry or not. (Picture 3)

A picture of you sitting in the saddle that you are currently using, on the horse that you are trying to fit is also helpful. Please identify the make, model and size of the saddle. (Picture  4)


Please try to select your pictures carefully. Too many pictures are confusing to us also! Out of focus photos and horses that are not standing square should be eliminated. Please do not send videos or pictures of your friend’s horses, saddles, or horses that look like your horse!!!

Please try to minimize the size of your pictures to about 100KB- huge picture files take along time to load!

The information that we need….

1) Your name, address, phone number and email address.

2) Your height and weight and length of leg

3) Your horse’s height

4) The discipline that you are riding

5) The seat size of saddles that you have ridden in

6) Saddles that you and your horse have particularly liked or disliked

7) Any significant areas of damage or soundness issues that you are aware


8) A current wither and back tracing (see instructions on our website)

Please make sure the tracings are labeled with your name and your horse’s name.

Please label your email with your name and the horse’s name in the subject line of your email.