The following information helps us to assess if a saddle we’ve sent you for trial purposes.

The pictures we need to help assess saddle fit….

 For the un-mounted pictures, please girth the saddle up to riding tightness, no pad. (Picture 1) Please include a front shot so we can see pommel clearance as well as the angle of the panels and tree point (Picture 2)


The rider should wear breeches or tight pants, a tucked in shirt that does not cover up the cantle of the saddle, contrasting thin pad, hands raised above the pommel. Take care to make sure the mane does not obscure the view. (Picture 3) Another front view with the rider on help us assess how much the saddle compresses with weight. (picture 4)



It’s also helpful to have a shot of the panels from the rear, so we can assess how well they’re making contact and distributing the rider’s weight.  (Please note:  unless you’re substantially taller than your horse, it’s a good idea to stand on something – a mounting block, fence or bed of a truck – to take this shot.  If you aren’t up high enough, you’ll wind up taking a shot of your horse’s butt.)

Please label your email with your name and the horse’s name and the saddle that you are trying in the subject line of your email. Thank you!