Reflection and Gratitude

The Holidays are upon us and so is the usual time for reflection.  How was the past year?  Where was I at this time last year and where did I expect to be?  This reflection isn’t usually limited to just … Continued

No Stirrup November

Maybe you’ve heard of it? Maybe you are doing it?  For many people who compete, November is the first full month of the off season.  For many others, it’s the beginning of the long winter months where riding indoors becomes … Continued

Welcoming Autumn

Autumn; it’s a time of year I have mixed emotions about.  The arrival of autumn is also the end of summer and with that comes an end to the event season.  As an event rider, trainer, competitor and coach, the … Continued

Saddle and Stirrup Length

Last month, I wrote about the correct stirrup length for jumping.  I correlated the juxtaposition of the spur or spur mount to the horse’s side, or the ability to touch the horse with it as an indication that one’s stirrups … Continued

Shorten Your Stirrups!

Having a secure position over fences depends on an appropriately short stirrup and an appropriate saddle for the job.  The visual picture should be of a rider whose stirrup leather is vertical to the ground, whose heels are lowered, whose … Continued