Dance and Athleticism for the Horse

While riding my own horse lately, one of my focuses has been on making her dance.  I want her feet moving with energy and her body to move with grace.   She often prefers to move a bit more slowly and … Continued

The Warm Up

When we school our horses, we begin the process with a warm up.  Every horse is different on what its warm up needs may be, but the end result should be the same, a horse that’s prepared for harder work … Continued

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

  Practice makes perfect; or is it PERFECT practice makes perfect There are riders who progress, (seemingly easily), and others that don’t as easily.  I have taught quite a few lessons to quite a few students over the years and … Continued

Kick On

I have been given an amazing opportunity to ride a friend’s horse who had been previously campaigned by a Big Name Trainer to the Advanced level.   I produced a horse to the advanced level eight long years ago, so … Continued

Watching Good Riders

Watch good riders, it’ll improve your own riding.   It’s very interesting; I can walk into my arena, watch a student ride, and can tell whom they’ve been riding amongst.  Riders tend to be visual learners and often are able … Continued

The F WORD – Flexibilty

As riders, we have all been in a situation with our horses where we just aren’t sure how, why, or what something is as it is.  This is frustrating at best and we commonly reach for what’s familiar.  Hopefully, a … Continued

Time Off

So you’ve been sidelined.  No riding your horse(s) for weeks.  I think most of us have experienced this scenario whether it’s because our horse has been laid up, or because of our own injury or maybe some other extenuating circumstance.  … Continued

Whose Responsibility is Balance ?

  While teaching and riding, I began thinking about the many unintentional habits we tend to have as riders.  Problems I see or experience are riders that do the following: leaning when they want to turn, sitting with their weight … Continued