Happy Trails To You…

Someone was humming that the other day and it stuck in my mind…….as some tunes will………..and it reminded me of an out west camping adventure I did many years ago with some “Old West Obsessed” women from England. They sang … Continued


I’ve always considered myself to be a resilient person in mind, spirit and body, but this last month has been a huge test of my ability to really bounce back. On August 21st while on an easy trail ride I … Continued

The Things We Carry

A few months ago I wrote about all the packing and organizing I do before each CTR or Endurance ride. It’s equally important that you have some necessary items on your person….or on your horse…..when you compete or even if … Continued


Competitive rides are always filled with a ton of “What Ifs” and there is never a ride that does not teach me a lesson.  The weather forecast for last weekend’s Stamford Stampede in NY state called for horrific thunderstorms and … Continued


Last weekend there was a wedding here at Trumbull Mountain and as I stood on the top of a hill surrounded by a spectacular 360 degree panorama of rolling green hills I was overwhelmed with how blessed I am to … Continued

Packing For A CTR…

My first ride of the season was last Saturday in beautiful Cornish New Hampshire (we had a blast!!). We left on Friday at 11:00 am, but I started packing and organizing on Wednesday. I just bought a new trailer (it’s … Continued

I Scared!!

We all experience fear. Some of it is reality based … other fears are psychological … but both get your adrenalin pumping and your flight response ignited. When you’re on the back of a thousand pound animal and either one … Continued

Ground Tying

Just recently a friend of mine asked me how I trained my mare Rianon to ground tie so well. She said she always looked on with envy whenever I had Rianon here at the farm and I would tack her … Continued

Winter Excuses…

About 15 years ago I lived on the top of a mountain on a frequently traveled highway. In the winter when it was impossible to get my trailer out of the snow I’d lead my mare down the shoulder while … Continued