Thoughts On Flocking

What does flocking a saddle mean? Many of you understand what flocking is but maybe not what flocking can and can’t do and what some of the issues are that crop up with flocking.   There are different types of … Continued

The Many Sides Of Asymmetry

Asymmetry is defined as a  lack of equality or equivalence between parts or aspects of something; lack of symmetry. We see it in people, horses, saddles, and so on. How does asymmetry affect us and what can we do about … Continued

AETA January 2014

It is always enlightening to attend AETA, The American Equestrian Trade Association Show. We attend the show so that we are informed of the latest innovations in saddle construction, new bridle design, girth modifications,  saddle pad options and more. The … Continued

Cold Backed?

On January 7th, I had the awful experience of having to put down one of my horses, Toby, due to a pasture accident. He was twenty five and although long retired, we had a fruitful partnership together. I reflected on … Continued

What’s A Gusset?

I mention the word gusset and it throws many customers for a loop! What is a gusset and what purpose does it,(they), serve? There are different types of gussets and hopefully, this post will answer some of your questions!   … Continued

A Year of Change

As we approach our one year anniversary in our new location I find myself being very thankful. It has certainly been a year of personal growth and many changes. There have been ups and down and a different learning curve … Continued


Saddle shopping does not need to be such a hand wringing experience. A few guidelines can help facilitate the process and hopefully produce positive results or at the very least, educate you more in what you should ultimately look for. … Continued

Riding Layoff And Saddle Fit

This year has been the on and off again year of riding for me. Sean finally recovered from his January injury and surgery only to have me get injured thus incurring more time off. Subsequently, once we were back under … Continued

A Tale of Two Fittings

Frequently, we are asked about fitting saddles to developing, young or out of shape/ out of work horses. The question is usually whether the rider should wait until the horse changes shape or whether they should get a saddle immediately … Continued

Should You Order A Custom Saddle?

Does your horse require a custom saddle? There are many options available but how do you know what you need or don’t need and how do you sort through all the labels and advice?   When you start your search … Continued