Brady’s Blog August ’14, Balance

The best riders in the world, regardless of discipline, have one thing in common; they have a special feeling for balance. A dressage horse has a different balance from a racehorse or an event horse, but, balance is the key … Continued

New Products

Mid winter, I wrote about some new products we were considering carrying. We just received the Fairfax jump and Fairfax dressage saddle with the standard flap. Much like the Thorowgood and Kent and Masters models, they offer the same versatile … Continued

Kick On

I have been given an amazing opportunity to ride a friend’s horse who had been previously campaigned by a Big Name Trainer to the Advanced level.   I produced a horse to the advanced level eight long years ago, so … Continued

Brady’s Blog July ’14, XC School

Hammie and I took the majority of last summer off after I broke my elbow as I’m sure most of you know. Therefore, I was out of the loop on most phases of eventing. I just took Hammie cross-country, one … Continued

Do I Really Need To Do A Wither Tracing?

Often we are asked for saddle suggestions based on conversation. True, we can glean a lot of information from chatting with a customer but typically, we will suggest that the customer do wither tracings and also send in our questionnaire … Continued

Watching Good Riders

Watch good riders, it’ll improve your own riding.   It’s very interesting; I can walk into my arena, watch a student ride, and can tell whom they’ve been riding amongst.  Riders tend to be visual learners and often are able … Continued

Eric Smiley Clinic Report

 I was lucky enough to attend and Eric Smiley clinic last week in Carlisle and Groton, MA.  I have been looking forward to this clinic since last year at the same time I was at the same clinic with the … Continued

Saddle Fitting Visits

You have decided it’s time to buy a new or used saddle for your horse. You want to have the fitter visit your farm or you have decided to trailer to the fitting destination. What should you expect?   This … Continued

The F WORD – Flexibilty

As riders, we have all been in a situation with our horses where we just aren’t sure how, why, or what something is as it is.  This is frustrating at best and we commonly reach for what’s familiar.  Hopefully, a … Continued