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Mid winter, I wrote about some new products we were considering carrying. We just received the Fairfax jump and Fairfax dressage saddle with the standard flap. Much like the Thorowgood and Kent and Masters models, they offer the same versatile fit options but an upgraded version.

I did try the jump saddle on my OTTB Sean and although I didn’t have time to jump in it, I liked the way it fit my leg and the option of moving the velcro blocks to suit me  since I hadn’t positioned them previously to suit my leg. I’m fairly tall and it accommodated my length of leg nicely. I like the idea of the half panel to allow freedom of the shoulder, yet still having front gussets for the horse that needs that extra support. It does not have a super deep front panel therefore making it more user friendly for more horses. The rear gussets are nicely full which I like for the uphill conformation.  Wool flocked and billet options along with the changeable gullet system make this a very useful saddle. One thing to remember, however, is that even though one can change the front of the saddle in terms of width, the essential shape of the rails won’t change so the general shape needs to be right for the horse. It uses the R bar.

Fairfax Classic Jump

The other new Fairfax saddle we are trying is the Fairfax dressage with the standard flap. (We still have the exterior block saddle as well). We felt that some riders feel too limited with the exterior block so we chose this as an option. Velcro blocks, billet options, wool flocking and the changeable gullet system are all standard on this saddle as well. I haven’t ridden in this saddle yet, although I sat in it and found it quite comfortable, not confining at all.

Fairfax Classic Dressage

As many of you know, there has been a lot of talk about the Fairfax girth. It was tested extensively with the Pliance system and claoms to add more lift to both dressage and jumping. There are both dressage and jump models and we have one that I am currently trying out. I’ll report back on that as I haven’t used it enough yet to form an opinion.

We are now carrying the Equine Comfort Quilted Correction Half pad. We’ve had them for a little while and not only have I tested them but so has Brady and Sara. I have found it to be very useful for fitting and shimming, similar to the Mattes pad although the shims are foam and not felt and the price is very economical, available in both black and white.


Lastly, we added a smaller, more portable Effax Lederbalsam, just the right size for travelling.

Effax Leder Balsam 150 ml





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