Saddle Fitting

On Site:

Tracing evaluation which are sent or brought into the shop and saddle recommendations from Trumbull Mtn new and/or used stock.     no charge

May 1, 2016, we will start charging 45.00 for saddle fitting at the shop which will be refunded with the purchase of a saddle.

Take back tracings, evaluate and suggest appropriate saddles our stock, static fit

Flocking adjustment based on photos and tracings $85.00

Evaluation of information and suggestions and assessment of outside saddles, $45.00 online or in the shop

Off Site:

Local: $75.00 Non-local $150 and up, see below.

Take back tracings, photos, evaluate and suggest appropriate saddles/evaluate existing saddle  $150.00 (Static fit/active fit) with travel within 50 mile radius.

Over 50 miles, mileage and expenses will be determined. Call to discuss. For further travel minimum and maximum number of people and horses.

Evaluate existing saddle,  local (for example, Pittsford, Chittenden),  $75.00. Flocking adjustment, $85.00.


Strip flock and replace with wool flocking $275.00 – $350.00 depending on work needed.

Restitch existing billets to nylon tabs $15.00 per billet

Replace billets to existing nylon tabs $125-$185 depending on work required.

Replace/add dees to one side of cantle $65.00

*Repairs are done on site.

For questions on saddle fitting or repairs: